Meet Our Partners

The Phoenix Philanthropists volunteer at dozens of organizations that are  our partners.These organizations provide a myriad of services to different segments of our community. Some of the charitable organizations are headquartered in metro Phoenix while some are local affiliates of national nonprofits. Each partner has unique needs when it comes to the number and skills of our volunteers. Some of our volunteers like to have a positive impact on one or two charities while other volunteers love the opportunity to help a variety of causes. We establish an event lead (or liaison) to facilitate communication between our partners and our volunteers.

In 2012, the Phoenix Philanthropists completed over 15,000 hours volunteering at events of our non profit partners. This remarkable number allows each of our partners to operate with smaller staffs and thus provide more services to their customers and patrons. Since our origin in 2008, Phoenix Philanthropists has provided over 45,000 volunteer hours to our non-profit partners.

Some of current our partners are listed below.


The Phoenix Philanthropists’ receives and reviews requests from potential nonprofit organizations in need of volunteers on a regular basis. Some considerations in our evaluation include:

  1. The percent of funds on every donated dollar that is used on programs and services
  2. The fit with our mission
  3. Is the charity an ongoing concern and how long has it been providing services?
  4. Ability to communicate between the charity and Phoenix Philanthropists so we can collaborate effectively and efficiently.

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