UMOM Kid Connection

I am the event lead  during  Kid Connection at Watkins UMOM Emergency Shelter on Friday nights.

This is a wonderful interactive meet whereas you provide games and activities for homeless children birth to 17 that live in cubicles with their families.  I love this event for the children are so appreciative of everything you do. It is like going to someone’s home and providing joy! I meet so wonderful, kind helpful people while leading this along with the wonderful families that live there.

I hope all volunteers get to experience this wonderful opportunity!

– Lorraine Patterson

Citrus for the Hungry

Phoenix Philanthropists Citrus Bowl

The Phoenix Philanthropists assist with citrus gleaning to benefit St. Mary’s Food Bank. If you are a homeowner with citrus trees and want to have the fruit donated, contact St. Mary’s Food Bank. (confirm with Jerry and Donnita)

Keep Phoenix Beautiful

Phoenix Philanthropists and Keep Phoenix Beautiful

Planting flowers with Phoenix Philanthropists’ partner organization “Keep Phoenix Beautiful.”

Community Garden

Phoenix Philanthropists Garden of Tomorrow - Community Garden

The Phoenix Philanthropists partners with the Tiger Mountain Foundation to establish and nourish various community garden projects in disadvantaged neighborhoods in the Phoenix metro area.

Refurbish Bikes For Foster Care Kids

Phoenix Philanthropists Recycle Bicycles Foster Care Kids

The Phoenix Philanthropists help refurbish bikes that go to foster care kids for Christmas and holiday season gifts.

The Garden of Tomorrow

There are as many worthy causes as there are people to champion them. Of all the worthy causes I’ve come across—the Garden of Hope stands out. To volunteer there is to help cultivate nourishment, education, and community in an innovative and vital way! I also had the pleasure and the privilege of meeting our Service Committee Chair, Caitlin Cramer, which led me to be even more involved in this remarkable opportunity, as an event lead.

– Alana Helapitage

UMOM Shelter

Went to UMOM Homeless Shelter to volunteer and drop off a couple of bikes from the Recycle Your Bicycle for Foster Care Kids nonprofit. Great feeling to hang out with the kids drawing and coloring (my specialty is Yosemite Sam and pirate ships). Plus the kids loved the bikes. How is that for synergy between partner charities?

– Jerry Kaster

UMOM Watkins Overflow Shelter – Kid Connection

I love this Meetup! The kids and activities are really really great, but what is so unique about this group of volunteers is the people.  The camaraderie I’ve experienced here has been unparalleled, and it makes me truly look forward to every day and every event!

– Caitlin Cramer